Three-dimensional letters, illuminated 3D letters

Illuminated 3D letters are one of the most common and most often selected forms of company promotion and creation of company image. Versatility of application makes them easily applicable both, in and outdoor. Three-dimensional technology is being more commonly used in such advertisements, as it is drawing attention of recipient.
3D letters are mainly used to present company name, logo and other related symbols of any colour or shape. Illuminated letters can perfectly associate objects with specific company. They draw attention and are readable 24/7.
Fabryka Reklamy offers you three-dimensional letters made of translucent materials, mostly plastic (e.g. plexi). The whole structure is glued or assembled together. We are producing different types of three-dimensional advertisements: front-glowing letters, front-glowing letters with aura, rear-glowing letters, letters with glowing outline etc. 3D letters can be mounted on roofs, as well as on facade that makes them visible from large distances. Additionally, they can be divided into glowing and non-glowing, as well as closed and opened, taking manufacturing technique into account.
Important role of three-dimensional letters is information about localization of the company. 3D letters are very attractive and one of the most durable ways of indicating of company. It’s suitable for every industry. Three-dimensional technique draws attention and creates curiosity. That’s all you need to stand out from your competition.
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